VIAVI & Lexus Structural Blue SC500

Many of you know that Lexus and VIAVI collaborated to develop the Structural Blue color on the new Lexus SC500 Sports Car. Here’s some other interesting facts:

  • The color is based on the Morpho Butterfly
  • The paint does not include any blue colors. The blue is produced by the interference of light, the basic nature of which is structural
  • Lexus can only produce two of these per day and only 100 of these cars will be sold in North America
  • The paint job consists of 40 transparent layers
  • Each viewer sees a slightly different pigment of blue

“The quest to develop Structural Blue was undertaken by the Lexus Tec Centres in the USA and Japan, and also with VIAVI Solutions Inc., a leading provider of thin film optical coatings and pigments also based in the USA.”

Santa with Lexus SC500 in VIAVI Structural Blue
Please Santa?



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