Hello OnGo! (CBRS’ new name!)

Sharing this update from Network Builder News:
CBRS brands itself OnGo; Corning demos private LTE
The CBRS Alliance hopes its new name for the 3.5 GHz spectrum band will become as familiar as Wi-Fi. OnGo is the moniker chosen by the industry association to label equipment that will operate in the shared spectrum between 3550 and 3700 MHz. The CBRS Alliance says the OnGo label will signify FCC certification as well as interoperability with other OnGo-branded equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.
For real estate professionals, consistent branding should increase comfort levels when it comes to investing in wireless technologies. That’s important to the members of the CBRS Alliance because these companies plan to target enterprise customers as well as service providers. The world’s largest commercial real estate service firm, CBRE, is fully behind OnGo.
“OnGo will allow me to more easily articulate the many innovative business opportunities that will unfold as a result of opening the 3.5 GHz band for commercial sharing, significantly streamlining conversations within the real estate industry,” said Cris Kimbrough, SVP of buiding technology services for CBRE.
At this week’s annual meeting of the CBRS Alliance, Corning is demonstrating a private LTE network using CBRS. The network uses access points and an on-premise eNodeB made by Corning’s SpiderCloud Wireless, and a dedicated, virtualized core network developed by Druid Software . Corning says it will partner with Druid to bring a private LTE offering to the U.S. market.
Analysts who track CBRS note that several hurdles remain before the technology will be commercially deployed. The Federal Communications Commission has not even decided yet how it will auction this spectrum, but the agency will make some bands available on an unlicensed basis later this year.
At this time there are no smartphones in the market that can support CBRS. Verizon has said it expects a CBRS-ready handset in its lineup this year, but has not named the manufacturer. iPhone support for CBRS would be a big win for the wireless carriers since iPhone sales are typically strong in the fourth quarter and seeding the market with CBRS phones would enable the carriers to integrate this spectrum into their networks and free up more licensed spectrum. However, the only chipmaker to announce a CBRS modem to date is Qualcomm, and Apple’s relationship with Qualcomm is not good.


From Eric, for an excellent white paper on CBRS, click here: Mobile-Experts-OnGo

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