Weekly Update: April 23rd, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Lots of updates to cover this week. Contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule a demo or training session.


  • There was a recent webinar on 5G Fixed Wireless that went over theory as well as how to test at 28GHz. A recording of that webinar can be found here: 5G Webinar Replay.

RF Testing

  • You can find some use cases for RF Testing with the CellAdvisor at our new RF Test Solutions Users Group site.
  • Version 3.090.033 of the JD745B/JD785B has been released. Download it here JD745B/JD785B firmware 3.090.
  • PIM Analysis testing is now available for units with ALU BBU Emulation and will be coming out shortly for others. This feature allows you to command the RRU to sweep 2 tones across frequencies to try and produce IM products. It helps prevent interference that results from using those frequencies in adjacent sectors, etc.

Interference Hunting: Walk the Line

  • A few months back, the team in Nashville, TN, used InterferenceAdvisor to quickly locate and isolate a problematic interferer in the heart of “Music City.” Read more about how they did it here: Walk the line – to find interference Feb 21 2018

Fiber Testing

  • In case you didn’t see the email, there is a new software release for the T-BERD 5800. You can see all the details here.
  • Ever hear of SNAKE testing? It’s a way to conduct multiple VLAN NEAT (Network Element Acceptance Tests) in serial connection. By the way, our T-BERD 2000 with a DWDM  tunable laser source makes a powerful and compact, one-box, NEAT testing solution.


Product Spotlight: Live Fiber Identifier

  • Have you ever heard the term “resume generating event” or RGE? If you’ve ever pulled a live fiber and brought down a site, or ring of sites, you might know what I’m talking about.
  • Our Live Fiber Identifier is designed to help you avoid those pesky RGEs by alerting you to traffic on the fiber in your hand. It’s a cost effective way to prevent a potentially very costly situation.
  • Get all the details here!

VIAIV Live Fiber Identifier

Webinars – Upcoming and Recorded

  • As a reminder, you can view and register for upcoming webinars, as well as get recorded versions of past webinars, on our VIAVI Webinars page.
  • There’s a great webinar on BBU Emulation that was just done on March 21. Even though it references ALU equipment, it is a useful intro for those with Ericsson network equipment.

Need your feedback

I put this blog together to do more than just push updates out to you. I’d really like it to be a resource that you can use to learn and be more productive.

Please reply in the “Comments” section below with any topics you would like to see covered.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to engaging with you!


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