Operator Approved for Contractors

You know the VIAVI CellAdvisor™ as your RF “Swiss Army Knife” for interference hunting, site commissioning, and more. Did you know that CellAdvisor is also approved by Verizon Wireless for use by it’s contractors?

Did you know that CellAdvisor is the only cloud-based instrument that tests both RF and Fiber?


  • Unique RF and fiber testing — not only can you perform traditional
    RF tests (DTF, reflection, RF power, and cable loss), you can now inspect
    fiber and measure optical power—all with one instrument.
  • Dual display — we all know how difficult it is to characterize results
    when turning up cell sites, so we designed a dual display that lets you
    view two measurements simultaneously.
  • Day and night screen — viewing measurements can be challenging in
    varying environments; the cable antenna analyzer with indoor, outdoor,
    and night modes lets you see crucial results in any conditions.
  • You can remotely control CellAdvisor via Bluetooth up to 100 m,
    keeping your feet on the ground while saving results to the cloud.

Check out our CellAdvisor Solution Brief for Contractors here

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